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The Wider Whistler Area

The award-winning Nita Lake Lodge & Spa is Whistler’s only lakeside property. Walking distance to Whistler Creekside gondola and on the Valley Trail, Nita’s location offers excellent proximity to Whistler's activities in all seasons. 

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Dine like a Local

When it comes to dining in a resort town like Whistler, it can be quite intimidating trying to decide where to go. Do you go to that place with the best reviews? Perhaps that other place that the hotel recommended? We’re here to put an end to that angst. We say: when in Whistler, do as the Whistlerites do! Check out our top five local hangouts in Whistler by clicking here.

Our Favourite Places to Grab a Cocktail in Whistler

Whistler, BC has an impressive selection of bars and restaurants serving fancy and creative cocktails. In the summer months, it’s great to find a patio and try something fruity. While in the winter months, there’s no shortage of warming tipples to enjoy by the fireside. Discover four of our favourite cocktail joints in Whistler, by clicking here.

5 Top Tips For A Memorable Wedding Day

Your wedding is a pretty big deal. And rightly so. This is the day that you’ve likely been dreaming of your whole life – ever since you paraded around the kitchen with a white tea towel on your head. You have an image of the perfect day in your mind. You’ve pored over Pinterest pages until 3am. You’ve obsessed about flowers. It may all seem a bit daunting. Don’t worry! Here, we share 5 top tips to ensure your wedding day is as memorable as it is beautiful.

For more information about the resort of Whistler, please visit our blog. Alternatively, check out the official Tourism Whistler page by clicking here.

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